Crystal Meth GHB

The Summer 2004 Street Cards are out in the city. This year's cards are an attempt to get viewers to think about how much they know about drugs.

The GHB card reads: "He's 'falling out'. What do you do?" Firstly, do you know what 'falling out' means? Do you know what it looks like, and could you spot someone about to fall out? If we want to build a community that takes care of each other, we need to learn these basic skills. You can find some answers by reading about ghb.

The "Tina" card reads: "Dating Tina? Breaking up with her can be a bitch." Most people try drugs because their friends have tried and recommended them. There is typically a discussion of the positive effects the drugs will have, and sometimes there is a mention of the negatives too. But rarely, if ever, is there a discussion about addiction. Crystal Meth ("Tina") is a highly addictive substance that is leaving a path of ruined lives all over the world.

We urge you to learn about Crystal and about addiction before dating Tina.

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